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Many countries wish to be sure that I am properly authorised to act as a notary. This is done by a procedure called legalisation. For most countries this means applying to the Foreign & Commonwealth Legalisation Office in Milton Keynes for an apostille under The Hague Convention on Legalisation. Some countries require documents to be legalised by their consuls.


I normally arrange legalisation of the documents. This involves sending any documents to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by special delivery. There is a fee payable to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for legalising documents. The current Foreign and Commonwealth Office fee is £30.00 per document plus £5.50 for the tracked courier service for each document or batch of documents, which is to be returned to me or elsewhere in the UK. The tracked courier service to Europe is £14.50 and to the rest of the world is £25.00.


There is a Premium Legalisation Service available for business customers with time sensitive documents. The fee for this is £75.00 per legalisation. 


The fees charged by consuls vary widely from a few pounds to around £100 or more. I can usually tell you what the fees are likely to be. 

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